Website Chat Marketing

What is website and social media chat marketing? 

Website and social media chat marketing makes it possible for businesses to communicate with customers visiting their website in real-time. Live chat tools can be used for sales, support and lead generation, making it an important tool for your business. 

Here at Astra Digital Media, our automated website and social media chat marketing campaigns: 

  • Reduce expenses in your business by saving you on personnel costs. 
  • Increase sales, since client conversations can be taken over from the automated chat to Live Chat with a customer service agent allowing visitors instant access to your marketing staff. This gives your team more opportunities to convert these visitors into paying customers and consumers
  • Live Chat software helps you respond to  questions about your services easily, solve problems promptly, and ensures you are readily available when your customers need you. This significantly improves customer service and loyalty.
  • Transfer links through the chat window to help and instruct customers. This results in faster problem resolution by linking visitors to the appropriate document or content, rather than walking through the troubleshooting and resolution procedures 
  • Expand market reach as remote customers can contact you instantly, and make inquiries and purchases.
  • Reports and analytics allow you to view all kinds of individual reports and chat histories of for all of your clients. This information helps you to see the number of visitors to your site, and a variety of useful statistics that can help you incorporate further traffic management techniques into your campaign.

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